Filippo de Miccolis Angelini

Owner, Azienda Agricola Masseria Salamina and De Miccolis Consulting

Filippo de Miccolis Angelini is an expert in agriculture, agritourism and sustainable tourism.
He is the owner of the Masseria Salamina company, an established brand of organic extra virgin olive oil and renowned agritourism company, whose centrepiece is the 17th-century Masseria Salamina in Fasano, Italy. His company, as a forefront of sustainability and agricultural multifunctionality, is becoming a ‘Case of Study’ within the project Agri multifunctionality II. Always a passionate producer of EVOO oil, he is also a technician and expert in virgin and extra virgin oils.
As a consultant and the owner of DE MICCOLIS CONSULTNG he is intensively involved in consulting and legal research on agricultural law and taxation of agricultural activities. As an international expert, he prepared the Analysis of Agritourism in Albania and participated in the drafting of the National Strategy for the Development of Agritourism in Albania.
After a long commitment to representing the agricultural world and the development of agricultural multifunctionality and the fight against the bacterial disease Xylella, he was chosen as the representative of the Dolce&Gabbana brand for the “Alta Gioielleria 2023” fashion show. Italian designers managed to put this priceless heritage at the center of their creations, which testifies to the effort and passion of centuries-old agriculture.
He participated in the development of projects and proposals for laws on agriculture and agritourism and holds numerous high positions in agricultural associations – President of the Federazione Provinciale Coldiretti Brindisi, the most representative and important association of Italian farmers, President of Terranostra Puglia, the most representative and important association of agritourism in Italy, Member of the board of Federazione Regionale Coldiretti Puglia, Member of the board of Terranostra – the National Board of the most representative and important association of agritourism in Italy,…
In 2009 he won the Oscar Green Coldiretti award, sponsored by the President of the Italian Republic.
Born in 1980, he graduated in law with the subject of Comparative Private Law at the University of Macerata.