Politicians, tour operators and everyone involved in tourism have been saying for years that it is necessary to extend our tourist season. Experiences and tourist results of neighbor countries show that tourism 365 days a year is something we should strive for. But is this really possible in Croatia or is it just a dream we want to believe in?

Croatian tourism achieves top results, but only in 80 summer days. The rest of the year most tourist facilities are unused. In the coastal area of Croatia, 75 million overnight stays happens, while only 4,8% of overnights are realized in the entire continental Croatia and 2% of that in the City of Zagreb. Numerous potentials stays unused, hotels unbuilt, resorts undeveloped and just a few touristic oases show that the continental Croatia can also do well, for all 365 days a year. Neighboring countries, such as Austria and Hungary, are achieving successful results in tourism throughout the year, and some of the others that until recently have not been considered seriously competitive in tourism, such as Slovenia, show that the hidden potentials of each destination can be developed and that many challenges still remain ahead of us.

Why tourism in Croatia doesn’t exist during all 12 months? Why don’t we develop an offer through the whole year? Why do we accept such a situation and what can we do to change it? Who could be the initiator of changes and how to achieve them? How to achieve a successful and attractive year-round season and are we ready for it?

The conference CAN THE CROATIAN TOURISM 365? will offer answers to these questions.

Croatia is rich in natural resources and potentials, and we could even say it is meant for tourism. Tourism is our destiny. But why are we achieving it only in certain destinations and only in few months?

Tourism is happening in Croatia. And when it happens, it has very high results. These results are so good that we often ask whether it is worthwhile to spend a lot more effort in another part of the year for a much smaller income. The main motive for coming to Croatia is still – the sun and the sea. When there is no sun and sea, the motive for the arrival should be built and invested in. What could be another motive to come to Croatia? Could it be health, culture, authenticity, diversity or could we create some other content? Whether only large tourism subjects are capable of it? Do we need huge investments for that? What obstacles to the realization of our potential really exist and do we need them?

Today’s tourists are travelers looking for new authentic experiences, not mass tourists seeking a unified offer they can get in any part of the world. Croatia should be a country that tourists do not choose for the lowest prices but for the top service and autochthonous life that Croatia can offer as a destination.


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