Jako Andabak, owner and President of the Supervisory Board of Sunce Koncern – Bluesun

Mr. Andabak graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. The first centrepreneur to start up private insurance business in Croatia, founded Sunce osiguranje in 1996. After selling his own insurance company, he invested in tourism by acquiring Hoteli Zlatni rat d.d., Hoteli Brela d.d. and Hoteli Tučepi d.d. Mr. Andabak is the founder and was the Chairman of the Management Board of Sunce Koncern d.d., since 2006, company that unites hotels in Croatia under incorporated brand of Bluesun Hotels & Resorts (15 hotels in 6 destinations).

Is highly involved in developing business in other industries, such as wine making, Mr. Andabak founded Jako vino d.o.o. in 2009 which, in a short notice, became one of the leading Croatian wine brands. Mr. Andabak founded the insurance company Izvor in 2010. In 2014. founded his new company, Sunčane Toplice d.o.o. and entered a large project of reconstruction and rebuilding of Bizovačke toplice, soon after, along with large investments, the Aquapark was renewed, the new Special Hospital was built, and future plans include total renovation of the hotel. Another important project that Mr.Andabak initiated is the reconstruction of famous hotel Jadran in Tučepi, that is now one of the most exclusive hotels in Croatia. He is also the founder and owner of the companies dealing agriculture and forestry: Sunčane šume d.o.o. and Sunčane livade d.o.o. In 2017. he became President of the Supervisory Board of Sunce Koncern d.o.o.