Tine Murn

Director and Co-Founder, New Deal Europe

Tine Murn is founder of London based representative and consultation agency Mindbrand. In 2018, he started with New Deal Europe, which soon became the only Travel Trade Platform for the region of Balkans.

His expertise lies in generating innovative ideas and implementing them in winning solutions. He has expert knowledge of communications, photography, and graphic design, and can readily master new technologies and concepts. He is well-travelled, has built a wide network of contacts, and possess excellent language and social skills. He constantly monitors trends in travel and tourism and has an in-depth understanding of global cultures and international affairs.

Professionally Tine has 15 years’ experience in the travel industry, including 6 years as head of the Slovenian Tourism Board in the UK. This gave him direct contacts with leading travel and media organisations, which he has extended into a global network. He has set up two highly successful business ventures; Mindbrand and New Deal Europe, and was a winning contributor for the ‘Best in Responsible Tourism’ Award for Bohinj 2019 at the International Travel & Tourism Awards, WTM 2019.