Renata Deželjin

Director of Brand Division, Croatian National Tourist Board

Renata Deželjin, Ph.D., is employed at Croatian National Tourist Board since 1997. Renata Deželjin comes to the position of Director of Brand Division from her previous positions in Croatian National Tourist Board, some of which included: Director of Business Presentations and Study Tours Division, Assistant director, Head of PR Department. In her current and previous functions, Mrs. Deželjin was involved in promotion activities of CNTB, developing promotional campaigns, promotion on foreign markets, organization of tourism fairs and events, developing of promotional tools in order to position and promote Croatia as a year-round destination, with the creation of a year-long offer, developing special types of tourism, in a sustainable manner.
Mrs. Deželjin studied at the Faculty of Economics and Business at Zagreb University where she also finished postgraduate scientific studies “International Tourism in National Economy” and earned the Master’s Degree, after which she continued to earn Doctoral Degree at Postgraduate doctoral study „Management“ at Faculty of Economics in Osijek.