Ognjen Bagatin

Owner and Executive Director, Sinteza Polyclinic

Ognjen Bagatin, owner and executive director of Sinteza Polyclinic for otolaryngology, aesthetic surgery and medicine, gynecology and speech therapy. He is also the co-owner of Bagatin Polyclinic, a private polyclinic for aesthetic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and cosmetology, and co-owner of the Poduzetnik media platform.

He completed the MBA program at Cotrugli Business School, and began his career in the Pastor group. In 2008, he transferred his knowledge and skills to the family polyclinic, and its growth and development has been his absolute priority for years. According to Deloitte, Bagatin Polyclinic is one of the fastest growing small and medium-sized healthcare institutions. In cooperation with the American Cleveland Clinic, Ognjen launched the EPIC project (European Patient Experience and Innovation Congress) in 2019 on patient experience and innovation.

Ognjen is also a consultant for about 20 clinics in Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania…) and Croatia, in the field of medical management and health tourism. He is a very active member of Executive Committees and Councils related to the development of medical tourism in Croatia. With his wide knowledge and experience in all fields of entrepreneurship, he is now working intensively on encouraging entrepreneurship through various projects of the media platform Poduzetnik, which consists of a monthly magazine, the portal utjenetrik.biz, conferences “Entrepreneurial Mindset”, various webinars and two YouTube shows – “Entrepreneurial mindset” “Sales mindset”.