Nikola Stolnik

CEO, Good Game Global

Nikola Stolnik is a prominent figure in the gaming industry and a highly respected leader. With a wealth of experience, he currently serves as the CEO of Good Game Global,
a leading company in the realm of gaming and esports. Prior to his role at Good Game Global, Nikola made significant contributions during his tenure as a Googler, where
he gained invaluable insights into the tech and digital landscape.
Hailing from Zagreb, Nikola had the opportunity to expand his expertise as the Chief Marketing Officer at Nanobit, a renowned mobile game development company. His deep understanding of the gaming industry, combined with his strategic marketing acumen, allowed him to drive notable successes during his time at Nanobit. With a passion for gaming and esports, Nikola has dedicated his career to pushing the boundaries of the industry. His visionary leadership and business acumen have enabled him to build strong networks and establish partnerships that have propelled the growth and success of numerous gaming ventures. Beyond his professional pursuits, Nikola is an accomplished individual outside the boardroom. An avid fitness enthusiast, he enjoys spending time at the gym, channeling his energy into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, he faces a formidable foe in his journey towards wellness – sweets. Nikola’s unwavering determination to resist the temptation of indulgent treats showcases his strong willpower and discipline.
Armed with an MBA, Nikola Stolnik possesses a keen understanding of both the business and gaming landscapes. He brings a unique perspective to the table, combining strategic thinking with a deep passion for the gaming industry. As a dynamic speaker and thought leader, Nikola has graced numerous conferences, sharing his wealth of knowledge and inspiring others with his insights.