Massimo Garavaglia

Minister of Tourism of Republic of Italy
Minister Garavaglia has been appointed as Minister of Tourism on 12 February 2021, with the new Government of the Prime Minister Draghi, in the “Lega Salvini Premier” political party.

He graduated in Economics and Business with specialization in Science of Business Finance at the Bocconi University in Milan.
He obtained a second Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science at the Milan University.
He also attended several courses at the Bocconi University Business Management School in Milan, on the following subjects: marketing, economic and patrimonial accounting, local Authorities policies.

In 2006 he was elected Deputy to the Italian Parliament, becoming also member of the Social Affairs Commission and then Group Leader of the Treasury Budget and Economic Planning Commission.
In 2008 he became Senator of the Italian Republic and Vice President of the Budget Commission. In the period 2006-2013 he followed important economic measures and acted as rapporteur for financial and budget legislation.
In 2013 he served as Lombardy Regional Councillor on economic issues.
In 2018 he was re-elected Deputy to the Italian Parliament with the “Lega Salvini Premier” political party.
In June 2018 he was appointed as State Undersecretary for Economy and Finance, becoming later on Deputy Minister for Economy and Finance.

Since February 2021 he is Minister of Tourism of Italy.