Marko Lukičić, Member of Management Board at Jadranka d.d. and co-founder of Acquaint d.o.o.

Marko Lukičić is a Board Member of Group Jadranka, responsible for digital transformation and information and communication technologies. Jadranka is the fifth largest hospitality group in Croatia by revenues with more than 700 full time and additional 700 seasonal employees. The group operates with 9 hotels and villas, 4 campsites, 11 restaurants and more than 25 stores.

As well, he is co-founder of Acquaint, a Data Science company that provides Data Science services and develop Artificial Intelligence-based (A.I.) concepts to intelligently identify and realise business opportunities in hospitality industry. Acquaint developed an A.I.-based system that for each particular guest, considering many parameters (even over 10 hydro-meteorological parameters) identifies the guest’s interests and intent and tries to match it with the corresponding products or services offered by the hotel. This results with significant increase in Total Guest Value and guest experience.

He has written dozens of articles, professional and scientific papers and he is periodically lecturer at universities and business schools.