Maria Pap, Head of Tourism Division, Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre

Maria Pap graduated on University of Economy „Corvinus” in Budapest as Tourism Expert and also on University of Sciences „Eötvös Lóránd” in Budapest as Social Counsellor to the Judiaciary of Economics. At the begining of her career she had worked as Sales Director and had an opportunity to work with partners all over Europe, the most with Hungarian, Russian and German partners. She transfers to tourism and had worked in Hungarian National Tourist as a Marketing expert, she was also Regional Director of Hungarian National Tourist Office in Berlin/Germany.

From 2015 she is Head of Tourism Division of BFTK Budapest Festival and Tourism Centre (official tourist office in ownership of the municipality of the Hungarian capital city). She is responsible for strategic planning of tourism in and for Budapest and leading product and market management. She speaks Hungarian, German, English and Russian language.