Maja Pak, Director General of the Slovenian Tourist Board

Mrs. Maja Pak, M.Sc., Director General of Slovenian Tourist Board

Mrs. Maja Pak, M.Sc., Director General of the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), has dedicated her career to tourism. She completed graduate studies in International Business and gained the title Master of Science, both at the Faculty of Economics at University of Ljubljana. Since 1996 she has been employed at Slovenian Tourist Board. In the period until today she has been the Secretary General of the STB, a member of the STB’s Board of Directors, Head of Research and Development department and the Director General of STB. During her career at STB she has been in charge for human resource management, preparation and performance of market researches and tourism analysis, strategic and performance planning of tourism on the national level, for marketing campaigns, promotion and management of green (sustainable) tourism, management of several European projects, collaboration with European and global tourism institutions (ETC, UNWTO, EC).

She is the author and co-author of many strategic documents or strategies in tourism.

Last year, Slovenia became the first green destination in the world. For the first time in the history, Slovenia was the Convention & Culture Partner of ITB Belin 2017, where Slovenian tourist Board was awarded the prestigious National Geographic “World Legacy Award”, thus putting Slovenia on a global map as green and a sustainable destination and as an example of good practice. Maja Pak strongly believes that the orientation towards the green is a distinctive advantage of Slovenia, which leads to more competitive tourism through the creation of products of high added value and to a better quality of life of the inhabitants of Slovenia.

In marketing, the STB under Ms Pak’s leadership has taken a major step forward in innovative digital marketing, by which it is possible to address carefully defined target groups.