Leila Krešić-Jurić

Director North America, Croatian National Tourist office New York

Travel & tourism enthusiast faithful to service excellence, inspired by sustainable growth, and passionate about connecting people, Leila is a corporate manager by profession and traveler by inner call, proficient in travel and tourism trends, business development and event management. For six years, she was Director of Tourism Sector at the Croatian Chamber of Economy. She was elected Expert Member of the Croatian Parliament’s Tourism Committee and Board Member of European tourism associations ESPA, EHTTA and ECTAA. For several years Leila led one of the leading European health tourism brands HTI Conference and set up the European HTI Summit in the European Parliament thus promoting Europe as a health tourism destination. In 2022 she took over the Croatian National Tourist Office in New York where is currently based while promoting Croatia as a “sustainable & sexy” destination aiming to attract travelers and not only tourists. Leila graduated in Economics and received the MBA degree with Hult International Business School.