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Frano Ridjan

TV shows and business conferences presenter

Frano Ridjan is a popular radio and TV presenter. As a student, he worked at the Croatian National Radio Station HR2 and for many years his fans followed him at HRT shows “Dobro jutro, Hrvatska” (Good Morning, Croatia), “Dobar dan, Hrvatska” (Good Day, Croatia) and “Kod nas doma” (At our place). Today, he is the host of the super-popular shows at Nova TV “Supertalent” and “Your face sounds familiar”. He is also popular presenter at many tourism conferences in Croatia. He is very popular and liked by many because of his positive energy and casual approach. He graduated Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.
His interests are in art, languages, dance and travel. He says that he enjoys getting to know other cultures, because after each trip he loves the culture and tradition of his country own even more.