Bettina Habel, Assistant CEO of Vulcano

Bettina Habel is the Assistant CEO of Vulcano in Auers┬Čbach, a small little town in the area of Graz. Bettina, the wife of the CEO Habel Franz, went with him through all stages and difficulties Vulcano had to face and worked there since the beginning. One could say; she is the mother of Vulcano.
Her expertise is in internal business processes, Human Resource Development, Marketing & Sales and Strategic Business Development.
Vulcano was founded in 2000 with the idea to produce high-quality ham products and to give more value to the pigs and the food. Through the years they expanded the production and adapted it for the more air-drying process. In 2003 Vulcano won the Lucullus for the best ham in Styria.
In 2012 they opened a glass manufactory where visitors get insights in the philosophy, production, breeding of the pigs and where all products can be tasted. Furthermore, Vulcano has adapted to the needs of visitors and implemented a small restaurant where visitors can try regional small plates throughout the day and a shop with local products form the whole region of Styria.