September 24th 2019, Zagreb, Sheraton Zagreb hotel

The first conference about year-round tourism held in 2017 and 2018 was exceptionally successful presenting experiences and thoughts of 30 eminent local and regional tourism experts. The events attracted a lot of attention from the public and the media and gathered more than 300 participants each time – representatives of hotels, resorts, tourist companies and crafts, travel agencies, tourist boards, municipalities and cities and others.
The second Step of the conference in 2018, for the first time in Croatia, hosted four Ministers of tourism from South-East Europe, who presented potential solutions, new ideas and their business development strategies for all-season tourism.

We have received many praises for the initiative and excellent organization of conferences and especially for the selection of topics and lecturers from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro.
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This year conference goal is to present and discuss the opportunities, best practices and real solutions for developing year-round tourism in Croatia and the Region, as well as to generate project ideas to encourage year-round tourism offer with emphasis on new technologies and creativity.

We clearly aim to extend the seaside season and reveal unique tourist resources of the Croatian continent by developing destinations and communities, by creating new products not dependant on “sun and beach” only, by telling authentic stories and by smart and creative recycling of local specificities to new quality and new authentic experience for modern and demanding tourists. The application of new technologies in tourism and flirting with the future is inevitable and necessary.

The conference will bring a number of domestic and foreign experts ready to share their knowledge and positive experiences and participate in well-conducted panel discussions. We expect answers to a number of questions related to the development of tourism and particularly tourism destinations, that require co-operation, determination and perseverance, but also creativity and originality.

The conference will be international, one-day, dynamic, organized in the form of short lectures and examples of positive practices and panels to consider and design potential solutions for the development of year-round destinations and new products, for achieving season extension and reaching modern trends.

The patrons of the conference are Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Chamber of Economy while the event is powered by the Croatian National Tourist Board.


The conference objectives are

  • to identify potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions / recipes for the development of all-year tourism in Croatia
  • to meet the successful experiences and practices of neighbour and EU countries
  • to develop a solution of the Croatian concept of development of all-year tourism with the active participation of representatives of key tourist and economic institutions and business entities from Croatia and experts from the region and EU
  • to introduce solutions to ensure the required quality and innovation at the global level
  • to meet potentials of new technologies and creative solutions
  • to learn from the best
  • to connect and to influence further development of Croatian tourism

Croatian tourism achieves top results, but only in the summer months. The rest of the year, most of the tourism capacities are not enough or not used at all and the continental part of Croatia, although rich in potentials, keeps developing its tourism offer (too)slowly and often in small-size properties. High seasonality is present in most Mediterranean countries, and the best response to short season challenge is to develop products that do not depend (only) on sun and beach, to develop continental destinations and to develop new tourism products in line with global trends and tourist demand. Croatia and the Region have a lot of potentials for tourism 365 yet undiscovered and many challenges still ahead to overcome.

Year-round tourism is one of the most important tasks n further development of our tourism at all levels, from strategic to operational, especially from the point of sustainability.
Tourism 365 needs to be developed on the coast, in destinations where we are the best, but also on the continent, where conditions and potentials already exist. Prerequisites include synergies of destinations with a shared vision of development, new products and creative experiences, and even higher quality of our services and overall offering. We can draw strength from that in many potentials in the nature, culture, sports and health, as well as new technology and creativity.

The Conference Croatian Tourism 365? – Creativity and new Technology is an excellent opportunity for networking of all participants involved in tourism and opportunity for exchanging positive experiences, examples and practices and creating new ideas and launching year-round projects.


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Ivana Kolar
CEO, Julius Rose d.o.o.