4.10.2017. ZAGREB

Sheraton hotel

Croatian tourism 365? The conference about development of year-round tourism





Politicians, tour operators and everyone involved in tourism have been saying for years that it is necessary to extend our tourist season. Experiences and tourist results of neighbor countries show that tourism 365 days a year is something we should strive for. But is this really possible in Croatia or is it just a dream we want to believe in?

Conference Croatian Tourism 365 ? brings eminent tourism experts from the wider region and representatives of the most important tourism institutions in Croatia to jointly define the path to the development of Croatian tourism that lasts 365 days a year and the ways and the recipes to do so. We will try to define whether our offer is specific to others and whether we can apply some practices of successful tourism countries.

Who is responsible for development of tourism 365 days a year? What role does the state play in that? Do we need a clear strategy for the development of all-year tourism? How to attract serious investors? What can local government do and can each of us be the holder of the development of all-year tourism? Do we have enough knowledge about it? How to ensure the required quality and how to follow world trends? Conference Croatian Tourism 365 will give us answers to that!

The conference aims to open the discussion with the most important actors of Croatian and regional tourism, to offer new knowledge and to encourage new proposals and conclusions for the development of all-year tourism.

Experts from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Italy will share their successful experiences with us, as well as their suggestions and guidelines for further development of Croatian tourism.

The patron of the conference is Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia.

The conference objectives are


  • to identify potentials, opportunities, positive practices and solutions / recipes for the development of all-year tourism in Croatia
  • to meet the successful experiences and practices of neighbor countries
  • to develop a solution of the Croatian concept of development of all-year tourism with the active participation of representatives of key tourist and economic institutions and business entities from Croatia and experts from the region (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Serbia)
  • to introduce solutions to ensure the required quality and innovation at the global level

The conference will offer new knowledge and ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurs and crafts, as well as motivation for large tourism companies and encouragement for their development; also some solutions for new investment steps and the realization of numerous competitive advantages of which the development of the whole yearly tourism depends.

The conference is intended to:


  • Tourism companies
  • Entrepreneurs and small tourism companies participating in tourism process and income
  • Representatives of tourist and economic institutions
  • Representatives of tourist boards
  • Professional and other associations
  • To other persons and entities that are, or could be, involved in Croatian tourism

Why to participate?


  • The first conference that deals with all-year tourism in Croatia
  • The conference brings together key tourism institutions and experts from Croatia and the region
  • Event in which everyone who sees potential in 365 tourism must participate
  • Opportunity for direct impact on the development of all-year tourism in Croatia
  • The right meeting and communication place
  • The source of new knowledge and ideas and educational panels
  • Networking – new business opportunities, getting to know new partners

The conference will focus on:


  • Successful cases from practice – Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia
  • Identification of Croatian potentials and mistakes in the development of all-year tourism
  • Analysis of potential tourism contents and offers
  • How to be different – authenticity and preservation of traditional and cultural heritage
  • Trends in all-year and continental tourism in the world and how to follow them and create them
  • Formula for the development of all-year tourism / destination in Croatia – what is needed by the state, local government, the local community, potential investors, entrepreneurs, the local population

The conference is one-day, dynamic, organized in the form of short lectures of experts and examples of successful practices and panels that will discuss and create potential solutions of the topics.